Do I have to pay to use your website?

NO! Our service is 100% free of charge with no hidden costs.

I want to create an account, where do I find a sign-up page?

It is not possible to create an account on our website

I want to cancel my membership! What are the steps?

We do not offer any membership plans. However, on the phone detail page, there are ads displayed that contains affiliate links to our partners. If you clicked on the ad and purchased a paid reverse phone lookup from one of our partners, please visit their website and ask them to cancel your membership.
You can find the links to our partner websites on our privacy policy page in the section about advertising partners.

I want to know the full name and address of the phone owner, do you have these data?

NO! We believe that privacy is the most important when you are browsing the internet. We do not offer or promise to display sensitive information about the phone number owner on our website. If you want to find out this kind of information, you have to seek the help of paid reverse phone lookup directories.

How can I delete or update my information?

Visit our contact page and follow the instructions to Opt-Out.

I searched for the phone number, but no results were found.

It is perfectly normal. Our data cover only US and Canada phone numbers, and if we didn't get any reports for that phone, we do not display it publicly.

I found an insulting comment containing bad language or false information. How can I report it?

In this case, please visit our contact page and follow the instructions about Reporting a comment. Our staff will moderate it as soon as possible.

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